Our Offering

 We developed the  Minus Phases to allow decision-makers take 1, 2 or 3 steps back from the commercial, customer, regulatory or technical situations they find themselves in. The addition of Phase X allows us to maintain

strategic intent and to help the  team overcome the Non Routine challenges often associated with radical change.

In this Diagnostic, Strategic Planning and Execution Support

program, we answer four key questions:

(Note: Our phase numbering is based on the assumption that projects begin with Phase, Stage or Step 1.)

Question 1 - Phase -3 : WHY?  Why should we do something new?

                  We could only find one answer - to exploit a commercial opportunity

Question 2 - Phase -2 : WHEN?  When will we need to have it?

                   Opportunities are exploited by a roadmap of different offering that will evolves over time 

Question 3 - Phase -1 : WHAT?  What exactly do we need to achieve?

                           How does it need to work? Where will it be used? When? For and by whom? Why?

                           What are the Benchmarks? Budgets? Milestones? Metrics?


Question 4 - Phase X: WHO?  Who will need our support with this, and for how long?

                           Vision Champion, Executive Coaching, Training, Transformation Programs

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