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Our Offering

Strategy Consulting - find the right new things
We use Target-Driven Innovation to help you define the new products, services, business models, and technologies you need to compete. 
Working independently or in-house with your people, we help you  define your opportunity, identify your solutions, fund your project, motivate your teams and we can also provide innovative research, problem-solving and communications throughout your project.
Executive Coaching - deliver new things right 
We help your people master extraordinary opportunities. We provide the extra tools, communications and cultural supports you need to get even the most innovative projects right first time. 
Instead of trying to make the exciting more reliable, we created a way to make the reliable more exciting. We developed a suite of creative supports that the real doers can understand, respect and want to work with. 
All engagements are tailored to the capabilities of your team, the complexities of your challenge and culture of your organisation. 
TDI defines your innovation needs
When you take an ambitious growth strategy and subtract the growth you are confident you will achieve through hard work and experience, you get a shortfall that can only be addressed by something new. This shortfall is your Strategic Innovation Gap and once you have defined it your Innovation Strategy becomes clear. 
An effective, gap bridging Innovation Strategy is made up of:
  • a list of all the projects needed to eliminate your innovation gap
  • the size of teams and resources needed to deliver these projects
  • the timelines theses projects need to meet
  • a predefined definition of success for each project
The ultimate metric in a Target-Driven Innovation project is the growth it is expected to deliver.  
AIM powers TDI
The Applied Innovation Methodology (AIM) is based on a combination of Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Culture Development, and TRIZ. It is constantly updated as new tools and theories emerge.
While each phase has an extensive list of tools, the key to the methodology is its six-step 'Phase Gate' sequence. This sequence is based on the assumption that if smart people are struggling to find answers, maybe it is the initial question that is wrong. Faced with a challenge (social, technical, or commercial), the method first looks for a more answerable question and then looks for the best available answer to that question.  
For further information on the Applied Innovation Methodology or AIM Training contact
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