Medical Device Innovation
As part of a larger Medical Device group, Decode Innovation is now ideally positioned to help Irish and Multi-National Companies succeed through; Innovative Strategies, Optimised Portfolios and Differenciated Offerings as well as the continually evolving processes and business models required to deliver sustainable growth and sustainable margins


Medtech Digital Transformation
The digital revolution is already underway. It is shaking up all businesses in all sectors. Decode has the experience and resources to help leadership teams in the Medtech sector take full advantage of Ireland’s mid-Atlantic culture and overlapping Medtech, Pharma and Digital technology ecosystems to pioneer this next wave of innovation-led economic prosperity.

Our Mission

Managing Partner, Damian Costello believes that, to be truly effective, innovation must be directed by business people using business logic. He started Decode to debunk the myths that surround innovation in order to put business leaders back in control of this critical lever of future competitive advantage.

A regular keynote speaker on the future of Medtech, Damian has almost 25 years’ experience in Industrial Design, Business Development and Front-End Innovation. He has delivered successful strategy, product, process and service breakthroughs in Ireland, Europe, North America and Asia.


Damian has experience with start-ups and multi-nationals in each of the converging sectors so critical to the future of Medtech in Ireland:

Medtech - Pharma - ICT - Financial Services

In early 2017, Decode Innovation became part of the Synecco Group of Medical Device Design and Contract Manufacturing Companies. Founded in 2004, Synecco is headquartered in Galway and is on target in 2017 to ship more that 100 million Class 2 Medical Devices, primarily to the US.


In 2016, Synecco Studio was spun out as a standalone Industrial Design Agency. Decode Innovation completes Synecco's Front-End offering and engages in either independent innovation projects for its own client's or seamlessly integrates into the Group's End to End Medical Device Service as follows:  

Synecco Group

Our Associates

With over 600 papers and articles to his name, plus the best-selling ‘Hands-On Systematic Innovation’ series books, Darrell Mann is one of the most widely published authors on innovation in the world.

Darrell Mann

Innovation Guru

Mike Devane

Leadership Expert

Peter Robbins

Consumer Expert

Former MD of Alcatel Lucent and Chair of the American Chamber R&D group, Mike understands the inner workings of multi-nationals and the Irish and global political landscapes in which they operate.

Former Global Innovation Director at GSK, Peter is an expert in predicting consumer behaviour. A graduate IDEO and What iF programs, Peter has a PhD in accelerating innovation in global teams.

Tony Owens

Engineering Expert

Darina Kneafsey

Culture Expert

Having worked with such consulting giants as PDD, PA and Altran at all levels including MD Ireland, Tony is an expert in engineering, intellectual property and commercialisation.

Founder and managing director of Neworld Associates, Pat, a New York native has been a leading figure in branding and visual communications in Ireland for almost 30 years.

With a track record that spans Chief Operating Officer in Trinity College, to Engineering/Supplier Manager in Intel, Darina has successfully managed all of the diverse cultures in the supply chain.

Pat Kinsley

Messaging Expert

Lisa White

ICT Expert

With vast experience in Information Technology, especially in the Financial Services Sector, Lisa is a technologist, transformer, innovator, program manager, evangelist, entrepreneur, cyber security specialist and privacy guru all in one.

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