We help ambitious companies be more innovative at a strategic level. Companies with growth strategies that require them to get, or do, new things. 
We use Target-Driven Innovation (TDI) and its Applied Innovation Methodology (AIM) to help them deliver bigger wins faster, more easily and more often. We do this through:
Innovation-led STRATEGY CONSULTING that helps companies find the right new things
Innovation-led EXECUTIVE COACHING that helps individuals get new things right first time

Target-Driven Innovation helps you answer five strategic questions:

  • WHY should you risk doing something new?

  • WHAT exactly do you need to get done? 

  • WHEN do you need to have it done by?

  • WHO do you need to be involved?

  • HOW will you measure its success?

TDI and the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution currently underway will shake up all industries. Your customers, employees and supply chain partners will come to expect the best technology-driven service levels and efficiencies, because they will see them everywhere else. If you do not respond well enough or fast enough, you will become obsolete. 

Target-Driven Innovation allows you to handle whatever competitiveness demands of you, while ensuring that you do not lose sight of what got you this far in the first place. It allows you to succeed your way, whatever the challenge.